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Let love surround  and caring for the elderly

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  • Jimmy at
  • April 24, 2019

Respecting the old and loving the young is the traditional virtue in China, and it is the metal medal family virtue! The most important thing in the metal medal family's  is to do the same kind of charity while doing the brand! Taking the society and giving back to the society is the responsibility of us.

On April 21, 2019, the metal medal family organized a charity event of "Let love surround  and caring for the elderly"

When I came to the nursing home, the staff said that we could send things to the elderly instead of us. Every old man can send it. In order to have more contact with the elderly and to reflect our respect for the elderly and the old, we have chosen to hand over the milk to the elderly. So our manager, Dennis, took action with everyone. When I saw an old man, my colleague rushed to the past and eagerly greeted "grandmother, wishing you good health, good luck, and a good mood" while holding the milk to the old man's hand. The old man smiled and took the milk, and rejoiced like a child, and said "Thank you! Thank you!" People feel like her own grandmother.

The scene of joy prompted us to rush to the old man one after another, and we greeted each other one after another, and we felt that we were doing the most meaningful thing. Milk is bottled to the elderly. Gradually, we experience the loneliness of the old people, like this gathering, like this kind of laughter, our activity drives their hearts. What they need is spiritual warmth and comfort!


The metal medal family talks with the elderly and gives care and care to the elderly. The so-called "old man and old man". The short and beautiful trip to the nursing home awakened the deepest part of our heart. With all the patience, listen to their story.


Through this trip to the nursing home, let us know that the sun is not in every corner. Bring joy to the lonely old people in the nursing home and send blessings. At the same time, we appeal to each of us to start from the little things around us and to dedicate our love. When you have more fun, you have more responsibility!

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