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An amazing activity on Sunday :BBQ+Dumplings+Show

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 31, 2018

An amazing activity on Sunday :BBQ+Dumplings+Show

How's your sunday? Is it boring or wnderfus as mine ?

This sunday is special to me.These days I often feel homesick, so I really miss dumpings my mom make for me.

What a surprise to me is that our company just have an activity on Sunday. We all get together and make use of our different advantages to cook different foods. It's wonderful and I enjoy it.

We all made different-shaped dumplings.But all tastes delicious,I really like them.

After that, we have the BBQ activity by ourselves.We prepare many foods and lit uo with a red glow to begin our barbecue. Although some foods didn't get full done, we all engoy it cause we were very happy.

The last on Sunday is show time with round-red moon. We chat with each other over watching the moon and stars. Then all of us perform a show.Someone sing,someone dance,and others play the games.


It's really a happy night I spent. I feel very gratitude for my colleagues because they brought me a sense of belonging and a sense of home.

Thanks again and wish another time we can do better.

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