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Do you like the most gold custom medal?

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  • November 27, 2019

Do you like the most gold custom medal?

For every runner participating in the marathon, the finish medal is not only a symbol of glory, but also a display of sweat and perseverance. It is also an interpretation of the spirit of "never give up". What is the 2019 Vietnam Horse Finishing Commemorative Medal? What creative elements does it use to design? Xiaobian takes everyone to deeply understand the 2019 Vietnam Horse Finishing Medal ~

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Finishing Medals
The design elements of the 2019 Vietnam Horse Finishing Medal use the VI visual elements of the "2019 Xilinmen Shaoxing International Marathon", while integrating the cultural background of Shaoxing. Shaoxing has a long history and many celebrities, and has the reputation of "Hometown of Calligraphy" and "Hometown of the Holy Book".

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Design inspiration

The design of the front of the medal uses the elements of the Shaoxing Huanhe River, the river, and the water ripples to fully show the style and culture of Shaoxing.

gold custom medal

Shaoxing City Ring River is connected to the ancient Zhejiang Canal and Jianhu Lake on the outside and the river channel in the city on the inside. It has a long history and profound culture. The Huanchenghe Scenic Area, along the banks of the 12km old Huancheng River, inlaid a lively and vibrant green ring into the ancient city of Shaoxing, covering an area of ​​1.14 million square meters, of which 600,000 square meters are waters. She surrounds the 8.3 square kilometers old city of Shaoxing like a necklace, adding infinite charm to this Jiangnan Water City.

The "Lanting Preface" has been circulated for thousands of years, and many elements such as the "Lanting Preface" on the back of the medal have been artistically processed, reflecting Shaoxing's art culture and combining with the spiritual connotation of the marathon, fully displaying the medal design style.

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