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  • November 22, 2019

The world's largest cake competition The official website of the Birmingham International Cake Competition in the UK released the results of the competition. Among them, the fondant cake made by Zhou Yi team from China won 4 gold medals.

Zhou Yi released a message that his team won four gold medals at the Birmingham International Cake Competition in the UK. In the photos released by Zhou Yi, you can see the fondant cakes created by his team, including the vivid "Kung Fu Panda" and Chinese classical beauty, which caused many netizens to like it. The award-winning team of Zhou Yi was confirmed by the official website of Birmingham International Cake Contest. The reporter  learned from Zhou Yi that the team had 6 entries, and the works were basically based on Chinese classical legends such as “嫦娥” and “梁祝” and Chinese elements such as “Panda” and “Lion Lion”. Each cake is made for a month, and most of the ingredients are made from ingredients such as sugar and pectin, so they are completely edible. Zhou Yi said that he hopes that more foreigners will learn about Chinese culture through these cakes.

Custom Fiesta Sticker Medals no minimum order

It's not easy to make such a fondant cake. “Every piece of the competition takes almost a month to complete, and sometimes it takes a few days for one detail. This month, our team members are almost only a day. Sleep for 3 to 4 hours."

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