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2019 Special Medal for Pu'er Marathon

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  • December 09, 2019

The Pu'er Marathon starts and ends in the ancient tea-horse city in the northern new district, passing through the northern Pu'er Wetland Park, Pu'er Grand Theater, Golden Elephant Plaza, shaded Tea City Avenue, and Wuhu Wetland Park. On December 31, the third Pu'er Marathon will attract thousands of runners from all over the world to gather in Pu'er and celebrate New Year's Day!

The 2020 Lunar Year of the Golden Rat is a new cycle of twelve attributes, a new beginning of the zodiac fortune, and a new starting point in life. To this end, the Pu'er Marathon has specially designed and launched the fortune medal, integrating Puer's auspicious elements into a square medal, making it not only a witness of honor, but also a sincere blessing!

Design Concept:

The traditional square symbolizes integrity, tranquility, stability, and fairness. The front of the medal is the Pu'er cultural scenery centered on the red panda. The tea fields, tea leaves, tea picking women and rare animals coexist in harmony and complement each other. The back of the medal is the theme element of Pu'er Marathon and ethnic auspicious patterns, showing the characteristics of Pu'er in a variety of ways.

Red Sun Spring Rise

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Summer of Blue Color

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Golden Autumn Harvest

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Silver wrap of Winter

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Four different medal themed colors, I wish every player good luck in every season of the new year!

Instead of waiting for good luck, take action and welcome the golden rat with blessings, vigorous vigor, steady steps, and hearty laughter.

As an important town on the ancient Tea Horse Road, Pu'er Tea is undoubtedly the representative of this city. In addition, Pu'er also has a lot of foods that you can't miss. You will be slobbering and lingering. Try to eat tea city food in the name of marathon.

At the end of the year, look forward to the future; run with confidence and fighting spirit and Pu'er Marathon on the journey of dreaming in the new year.

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