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2019 custom marathon race medals makers wholesale gold sport event medals.

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  • December 10, 2019

2019 custom marathon race medals makers wholesale gold sport event medals.
On both sides of the track, cultural elements from Yunnan can be seen everywhere. Cheerleaders in Yunnan ethnic costumes cheer up runners with energy; "a mobile phone
The "Buy Yunnan" publicity board shows the convenience of runners and tourists in smartly traveling Yunnan; "There is only one scenic spot in Yunnan, and this scenic spot is called Yunnan."
New achievements in tourism development.
It is understood that in order to allow more people to watch the event and understand the beautiful story behind the beautiful track, Kunming Museum curator Tian Jian was at the CCTV-5 event.

custom marathon race medals makers
The track was interpreted during the live broadcast. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Kunming Culture and Tourism Bureau said that he hopes that through interpretation, the audience will be able to understand the history and culture of Kunming
Have a deeper understanding.After the competition, the winners of this event were all commemorated by the Yunnan province's cultural tourism image ambassador "Yunnan Cloud". Department of Culture and Tourism of Yunnan Province
The person in charge of the room said that he hoped that the participants could enjoy the charm of “Colorful Yunnan, Cultural Treasure, Travel Paradise” while running, and let “Yunnan Cloud” continue after the race

custom marathon race medals makers

Build emotional connections between runners and Yunnan.Run to a new height and chase dream Yunnan. Today, the SCO Kunming Marathon has been successfully held for 4 sessions. Recently, the event was named the 2019 China Sports Tourism Boutique
Event, Yunnan Province Provincial Appraisal of Sports Tourism in 2019. The SCO Kunming Marathon not only helps Kunming build a "world spring city, a historical and cultural city, a Chinese health city
"Kangzhicheng" also ran out of a new business card for the culture and tourism image of Yunnan.

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