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  • December 02, 2019

The 2019 Hezhou Gupo Mountain  International Trail Running Challenge will be held on December 14-15 at the Gupo Mountain National Forest Park in Hezhou, Guangxi. It will be set up in four projects: 100 km, 50 km, 25 km and 15 km. In the longevity city of Hezhou , come to the peak of a cross-country run, the Gupo Mountain International Trail Running Challenge is waiting for you to "fighting"!

The medals of the event are the main subject of the "Nanguo Xianshan" Hezhou Gupo Mountain, which cleverly integrates the mysterious colors of the Gupo Mountain into the medals. In the middle of the medal, a bell is the main visual element, and its source is two.

One of them comes from the South China Bamboo Sea of Hezhou Mountain in Hezhou. It takes the bamboo as a bell, which symbolizes the indomitable and unyielding noble qualities of Hezhou people. From the continuation of the Yu Youli People to the spending of the Chinese civilization to the heroic struggle of the Pingle People's Regiment during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, in the ringing of the Chinese civilization, the Hezhou people marched forward and achieved remarkable achievements today.

custom running race medals


The second is derived from the ancient Chinese traditional "flower guard bell". Jinling guardian flower is a form of ancient Chinese cherish flowers and trees. It is said to be an important function of the initial period of the bell. This is closely related to the environmental protection concept of the event. This event advocates the concept of a green ecological civilization. From the paperless competition to the use of the eco-cup, to the promotion of the green civilization of Guposhan, the organizers of the event advocated that each participant of the event can start from their own, green and civilized. In addition, the ribbon of the medals take the traditional style of Yao nationality, which symbolizes the harmonious scene of multi-ethnic integration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


custom running race medals


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