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New Zealand medal attitude

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  • Jimmy
  • Jan,19 2018

Commonwealth Games will begin soon, many countries athletes have done a lot of preparations for the Games, then we take a look at New Zealand's attitude toward the Commonwealth Games what they do? The medal for the Commonwealth Games What is the target?

It is understood that the head of swimming in New Zealand is optimistic about the swimming medal at this Commonwealth Games, swimming may not be satisfactory in New Zealand before, but they still do not give up, they face even in the global arena Do not be afraid, they are a new chapter.

New Zealand executives are reluctant to target the number of medals they receive and they want to convey to all young people a positive and optimistic attitude. Yes, this is the spirit of the Games. For many people, this spirit is far more meaningful than getting the swimming medals.

After the announcement of the New Zealand belt, preparations for the Commonwealth Games on Thursday will see a dramatic increase, as opposed to the Commonwealth Games, where swimming is traditionally one of the powerful Commonwealth Games, Point, New Zealand never doubted. Before the Olympic Games in Glasgow and New Zealand in 2014, two athletes won a total of four medals, namely three gold medals and one silver medal. The result is very impressive. However, at the last Olympics in Rio, , New Zealand's swimming team did not have a final player, it is precisely for this reason, it led to New Zealand's swimming money plummeted to 900,000 US dollars. This situation is very optimistic.

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But even with this result, the head of the New Zealand Swim Team is still not willing to impose the medal number on the athletes, and to convey an optimistic attitude is paramount. It is understood that most of New Zealand swimmers this year are relatively young, and their average age of only 21 years old, perhaps such a high-quality sports will get the chance of a swimming medal a little

No matter what the final outcome, they can get the medal or get the medal, we will sincerely wish New Zealand swimming team. Perhaps in some people's eyes, the most important thing is to get the medal to participate in the Games, but in the eyes of some people, perhaps to convey a spirit is important.

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