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Amelia’s gold medal

  • 1997
  • Jimmy at
  • January 19, 2018

In many people's subconscious, running games are adults, running medals for the children is also more distant, but today our hero Amelia one thing to do for adults to run the game completely to children Things changed.

That's it. The 12-year-old Amelia beat her opponent in a recent race and won the gold medal, making her Newark Sports Club a gold medalist in the final round, but Amelia She is not proud. She insists she does not give up the gold medal in the women's team under the age of 13 in the second year, but also includes a gold medal. This is an incentive for Amelia to represent her efforts and not give up A good result.

Of course, everybody's success is not accidental, every player is through hard training and perseverance to get the result, Amelia during the game, in the first lap Amelia has always been the first A, but after the second lap, he was overtaken and surpassed by 70 meters, which was a bad sign for her but Amelia did not give up and she insisted on chasing after The man in front of her, the time passed slowly, she has been difficult to continue to move forward, eventually won the game,

There is an old saying in China that if you are in danger at the time, you can not afford to give up, and the god of fortune will eventually take care of you, just like Amelia. Even though she started out as a winner, she insisted on not giving up or won the game, won the gold medal, and won the gold medal for her club.

gold medal

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