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Good News. Lucky Gifts Have Cooperated With KFC

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  • Oct,09 2018

Good News! Lucky Gifts Have Cooperated With KFC

Have you ever eat KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Kentucky Fried Chicken), referred to as KFC, is one of the largest multinational restaurant chains in the United States and the second largest fast food and largest fried chicken chain in the world. Founded by Colonel Harland in 1952. Sanders), mainly sells high-calorie fast food such as fried chicken, burgers, French fries, rice, egg tarts and soft drinks.

KFC medals

We received the inquiry from KFC on 23rd April, the request of this inquiry is as following, thanks.

Item: KFC medal

Material: zinc alloy

Enamel color: no

Size: 70mm

Thickness: 2.5mm

Plating: antique silver

Accessories: polyester ribbon (850mm length * 38mm width)

Quantity: 5000pcs

Ship to USA

After receiving customer's request, we sent the quotation customer within 1 hour, but we did not get reply at the same day, so we ask customer their opinion, but they still do not answer.

On 26th April, we asked customer if they would like us to design their logo into a medal, the customer replied me finally, we are very very happy. So we informed our desigenrs to draw artwork at once, our designers finished the artwork within 4 hours and we sent to customer at once after we checking the artwork. Customer did not very satisfied with the artwork, so we amend the artwork for customer again, again and again, at the 10th times, customer agree with the artwork.

Then customer request to make a sample first, we informed our customer that the sample time is about 7 days, they agreed, then we start to make sample production after they paid for the mold charge first.

7 days later, we sent pictures and video to customer, they are very satisfied with the sample. Then at the beginning of May, customer place the 5000pcs medals with us. Here is the sample picture:

KFC medalsKFC medals

On 25th May, we finished the mass production and informed customer, customer very satisfied with them, then we ask the shipping address and telephone number of customer and send the goods to customer at the same day, in 2 working days later, customer received the goods, they are very very happy with them and give us a very good comments.

KFC medals

Thank you for KFC to support us and reorder again and again. :)

KFC medals

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